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Al-Marnich was founded in 1995 by a visionary named Emanuele Bonfiglio. An agricultural entrepreneur from Milano, he bought a quaint estate consisting of three rustic nineteenth century farmsteads in the lush and fertile rural sector of valley d’Intelvi. This is where the adventure all began. From this scenic mountain top position one has access to views of Lake of Como on one side, and Switzerland on the other …

Each farmstead was originally built from local limestone and wood giving them the welcoming presence people enjoy to this day. Emanuele introduced the concept of ‘agriturismo’ (Farm Holidays) in this geographic vantage point of the Lake by incorporating his expertise and knowledge of animal farming and agricultural management

In actual fact, not only is Al-Marnich the number one nature and farm resort of the Valle d’Intelvi but also one of the oldest in the whole Como basin. Perched on this lakeside mountain range the valley is typically located within the Alpine zone with an elevation up to 1400 meters. At this height only certain types of vegetables and fruits can be comfortably cultivated, including breeding stock such as sheep, goats and cattle. The latter requiring a bit more terrain for proper grazing etc …

From the outset Emanuele commenced breeding animals suitable to this mountainous region, adaptable to steep and irregular terrain. Nowadays, apart from sheltered farming and rich orchards, guests at Al-Marnich benefit from the cultivation and harvesting of fruity delights such as blackberries, and raspberries. All of this has made it possible for Al-Marnich to adequately produce supplies for the resort within its own farming activities

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