How To Save Money – Lake Como Hot Deals (Short Introduction):

The Al-Marnich agritourism offers many options for immediate saving money, that they are availables for new customers and/or for our regular guests also, and they which can simply be summarized, as follows:

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How To Save Money – Lake Como Hot Deals (The Available Promo Codes):

  • 10% discount on the best rate, that it can be used by the holders of our “Discount Card” only.
  • 6% discount on bookings made from mobile devices (Smartphone or Tablet), by entering the following promo code: “DKS-JAC-WT4-A8AW“.
  • Reduction of 8% on all bookings made by new guests, which we have never stayed before in our farm holiday, using this promo code : “3G5-ZG3-X2K-A3KU“.
  • Special discount for all Business Travelers, with valid VAT number, which allows a saving of 9% on bookings online made, by entering this promo code: “BUSINESSTRAVELS“.
  • 10% discount, dedicated to the Users of our official website, who subscribe to the “newsletter“: “SUBSCRIPTION-PROMO“.
  • 8%/12% discount on pre-paid reservations in advance, by Paypal or by selecting from our online booking tool, the “Non Refundable Rate“, which will already be automatically discounted, compared to the official rate.
  • 13% discount for group’s bookings (7 rooms minimum): “GROUPSDISCOUNT“.

How To Save Money – Lake Como Hot Deals (How To Use The Promo Code):

In order to use the above promo codes and any other offers/deals, please click on the following link:


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