Il Ristorante - Salametto Nostrano



Easter’s Monday Set Menu – Lake Como

The Al-Marnich holidays farm proposes this year also, for the Angel’s Monday (Easter’s Monday04/05), a set menu from € 40.00 per person:


Strudel with artichokes and ricotta of our production;

Our cheeses served with our jams and mountain honey, nuts and fresh fruit;

Salametto homegrown;

First Dishes:

Fresh pasta macaroni served with parmesan zucchini;

Gnocchi pasta, served with sausage and chickpeas;

(The VariantFor Vegetarian Menu)

BIO semolina gnocchi with fresh ricotta cheese and artichokes;

Main Dishes:

Local chicken cooked with beer and potatoes;

Roasted pork with lemon and capers from Pantelleria;

(The VariantFor Vegetarian Menu)

The Quajado with unleavened bread, herbs, spinach, our cheese, our fresh eggs and castelmagno;


Cheese & Lemon cake;

Chocolate pudding served in fresch cream;

Price x person: 40.00 (including Water and cafés Wine not included). For more info and reservations: