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Autumn Special Lake Como Menu

The Al-Marnich farm holidays (SchignanoLake Como) offers for the fall season, the following menu, which will be booked during the weekends only and for lunch and not for dinner (saturday and sunday …):


Salad with goat cheese we produce, nuts & pears

or …

Potato flan with radicchio ...

First Dishes…:

Tagliatellepasta with sausage sautéed in white wine and onions

or …

Organic brown rice with pumpkin and parmesan

Main Dishes …:

Braised beef in Barbera PGI, with a side of corn polenta ancient BIO (Alias: “polenta“…)

or …

Botched polenta with local vaccines cheese  (Alias: “Polenta Pasticciata“…)

Desserts …:

Chestnut cake and chocolate …

or …

Bavarian chocolate (similar to pudding…) with raspberry sauce of our garden

Including beverages …:

1/4 red or white wine D.O.C. / I.G.P. + 1/2 Bott. Mineral Water + Coffee Espresso” …

Total Price x Person …: 32.00 Euro

IMPORTANT NOTE: Early Booking is request

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