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Sport – Culture – Local Handicraft: Lake Como

The Al-Marnich Farm and Narture Resort is strategically located 8 km (5 miles) near the shores of Lake Como, and also other quaint villages within Valley Intelvi. Therefore, it is very easy from this point to participate in the many cultural attractions, pastimes and sports activities available to our guests

For Example …:


There are so many ancient villas and interesting places of nobility to visit in this area, including along the shores of Lake Como. With their well manicured gardens such as those of the world-famous Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, to which we happily gift our guests discounted entry tickets (22% Save Off). Worthy of mention is also Villa Olmo in Como City. And of course, the ever present and film-famed Villa del Balbianello in Lenno which is a ‘must see’ venue for any lover of Italian beauty!

The City of Como has many ancient places you can visit and also offers superb shopping locations with its many varied boutiques to help make your stay even more memorable. It is perfect for souvenir hunting. Motor cars are absent within Como City’s walls, so you can easily enjoy a lazy stroll throughout its history-rich cobble-stoned streets and along the famous lakeside


The Valley Intelvi offers many varied sporting possibilities which are nearby the Al-Marnich Farm and Narture Resort:

A game of Golf is but only 20 km away (12.5 miles) at the Lanzo d’Intelvi Golf Club and you may take advantage of a 20% discount kindly offered to our guests

Tennis is only 8 km away (5 miles) with the added value of discounts and possibility of having private tennis lessons. The centre is open all year round and is under cover

Mountain Bike Riding, for the fit enthusiast, to explore our wonderful valley. Bike hire available, but must be made prior to arrival, with plenty of notice

Mountain Trekking is a favourite no matter what the season. Here, walking in the snow can make it all that much more special! It is probably the most popular activity of our guests … We can supply you maps (created by alpine cartographers) and all you have to do is simply walk out the front gate to commence your adventure. Guided treks are also available to our beautiful valley. For added information please visit

Lake Como also offers different aquatic sports, which are suggested for the warmer seasons throughout spring, summer and autumn

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing are a favourite and Al-Marnich has partnered with several professional providers to help equip you for these sports. Also, we have connections with the nearby AC Boat rental and Yacht Club (Como or Dongo)


The Valley Intelvi is one of the few places where some of the world’s oldest and most respected crafts still exist … Unfortunately, many ancient crafts have already disappeared. There are iron workers who create items the old-fashioned way, without any modern means or mechanical assistance. Woodsmen who can sculpture masterpieces out of a simple tree trunk. Then there are the mask makers who compliment their fabulous costumes for celebrating the “Carnevale” …

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