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Como Lake Ecotourism …

The Al-Marnich Farm and Narture Resort (eco-tourism Lake Como) was founded in 1995 by a visionary agricultural entrepreneur from Milano. He bought a quaint estate consisting of three rustic eighteenth century farmsteads in the lush and fertile rural sector of valley d’Intelvi. This is where the adventure all began. From this scenic mountain top position one has access to views of Lake of Como on one side, and Switzerland on the other …

Today Al-Marnich (Como Lake Ecotourism) exhibits all the granduer of an historic past characterizing the typical dwellings of the Valley Intelvi. Just 8 km (5 miles) from the shores of lake Como (nearest lakeside village is Argegno) this nature venue offers guests unforgettable accommodation from double rooms to family size, with stunning views and surroundings. Each room contains all mod cons to make your stay comfortable maitaining the rural spendour of a bygone era

Al-Marnich is located in a mountainous area which is uncontamimated and a prestine harmony with nature. This area is protected by both Italian and Swiss authorities to keep the farming property in line with principles of projectPanda’ – in collaboration with the WWF. Al-Marnich fully complies with its certification for being “Green” and through the specific circuit of “EcoWorldHotel” has attained the recognition label as being Eco-Sustainable

Below is a list of our good practices, projects and installations for saving energy, and subsequently, the planet:

  • Solar Thermal hot water system integrated with a biomass system utilizing also pellets and wood
  • A power-voltic system of 20 KiloWatts
  • High energy wood-fired fireplaces
  • Emissions from boilers and stacks yielding minimum CO2 gases …
  • The 3 current farmsteads, recently restored and improved, are completely eco-sustainable, without use of LPG, are well insulated, heated and also supported with solar power.
  • All cleaning products used on the premises are eco-friendly
  • Really organic agricolture: no chemicals poisons used in our gardens
  • Rooms have minimal electronic gadgetry to minimize power wastage and preserve energy
  • This area (known as Sottoceneri) has been listed as a protected area by the WWF, in collaboration with the territorial authories of Switzerland
  • Activities such as bird watching and observing native wild animal life is ever present in our area …
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