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Our Easter Menu on Lunch

Special Easter’s Lunch 2023 – The Easter’s Menu (04/09):


Cake vegetables and local cheese;

Mix “Little Fantasy Tastes”: Egg Mimosa Spring Salad and fresh strawberries with soft cheese and goat salad;

First Dishes:

Homemade organic flour wheat flour, homemade, served with sauce “cheese and pepper”, prepared with radicchio, pancetta and goat cheese;

Flour dumplings organic wheat flour, homemade, served with fresh tomato, bacon, beans and spices;

(Our Variant – Vegetarian Menu)

Shells semolina BIO, with fresh ricotta cheese and artichokes;

Seconds Dishes:

The meatloaf with ricotta cheese and our local meat, served with vegetables mix;

Our roasted goat, served with fresh salad;

(Our Variant – Vegetarian Menu)

The Quajado with unleavened bread, herbs, spinach, our cheese, our fresh eggs and castelmagno;


Salami Chocolate with decoration of seasonal fruit;

The Custard served with fresh strawberries;

Total Price per adult: 45.00 Euro, drinks excluded

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